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No Biden Has not Won – The Electoral College Votes December 14

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Mainstream media is naturally proclaiming Biden won. They may think they now run the country, but they do not declar5e the President – that’s the Electoral College. Trump has not conceded and with all the fraud with a razor-thin victory for Biden, he should not. Just in May 2020, a Judge confessed that he took bribes to stuff the ballot for Democrats in Philadelphia which is one of the most corrupt cities in the USA. Electoral College electors in each state don’t vote until Dec. 14. The electors’ votes typically align with the popular vote in each state – nut they do not have to in most states. Indeed, not all states require the votes cast by electors to mirror the popular vote. Some states can still vote for Trump regardless of the corrupt elections.

Certificates recording the electoral vote results in each state must be received by the president of the Senate and the archivist no later than Dec. 23. The media does not call the election no matter what they think. They take “grants” from Gates anyhow. Back in 2016, there were 7  faithless electors who did not vote according to who they were supposed to vote for. Five voted against Hillary and two voted against Trump. Yet Trump had 36 votes in surplus so their actions did not change the national vote.


Faithless Electors

What a lot of people may be ignoring is that the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY in July 2020 unanimously that Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution accords states broad power over their electors. Justice Kagan wrote in the opinion for eight justices:

“Article II, section 1’s appointments power gives the States far-reaching authority over presidential electors, absent some other constitutional constraint. As [the Constitution says], each State may appoint electors ‘in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct.’ … This Court has described that clause as ‘conveying the broadest power of determination’ over who becomes an elector.”

The opinion continues on:

“The Constitution is barebones about electors. Article II includes only the instruction to each State to appoint, in whatever way it likes, [its presidential electors]. The Twelfth Amendment then tells electors to meet in their States, to vote for President and Vice President separately, and to transmit lists of all their votes to the President of the United States Senate for counting. … That is all.”

Justice Thomas reached the same conclusion as the other justices, but he (and Justice Gorsuch) said that the 10th Amendment provided a basis for the decision. Thomas wrote that the “powers related to electors reside with States to the extent that the Constitution does not remove or restrict that power. Thus, to invalidate a state law, there must be ‘something in the Federal Constitution that deprives the [States of] the power to enact such a measure.’”

While this is a very clear reaffirmation of the power of states to appoint their electoral votes “in whatever way it likes” under Article II, section 1, in two states, electoral votes are NOT ‘winner-take-all‘. Maine and Nebraska allocate electors using the ‘congressional district method’ whereby these states allocate two electoral votes to the state popular vote winner, and then one electoral vote to the popular vote winner in each Congressional district (2 in Maine, 3 in Nebraska). According to AP, California which has 55 electoral votes they give 100% to Biden, the popular vote looks like:

Donald Trump: 3,899,436 – 32.9%

Joe Biden: 7,722,795 – 65.2%

That means whatever Republicans there are in California, their vote never means anything. If the electoral votes were cast according to the popular vote that the left always screams about, then Trump should have gotten 18 votes from California instead of Biden taking it all at 55. So much for every vote counts, which is the slogan in this election by the left media.

In the 18 states currently without faithless elector laws, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would operate in a manner identical to the system used by most states currently. In these states which use the state-by-state winner-take-all method of awarding electoral votes, the presidential electors are chosen by the political party whose presidential candidate receives the most popular votes inside the state, and there are no additional requirements placed upon the elector.

In reality, if the Republican States decide to split their votes as Maine and Nebraska, the Supreme Court has held that is solely their discretion. That presents a very interesting twist. They could even order electors to vote for Trump and argue that the vote is not certain being too close. They probably would not, but anything actually goes.

DJIND W Array 10 9 2020 1024x467

I want to point out something very interesting. Aside from the fact that our computer projected a 50/50 split on the popular vote and never showed Biden ahead by 12% or 24% as the pollsters were trying to sell, our forecast array pinpointed to the Panic cycle the week of 10/26 which was spot on. It showed the week of the 9th more so than that of the 2nd. But the main target was the week of the 23rd.

DJIND W 11 7 2020 Array

Since that first Array generated back in September, we have the updated array from November into January. Note that the week of the 23rd is still the big target. So we could get perhaps a Supreme Court decision by then. But look at when the Electoral College starts to vote by December 14. We have a Panic Cycle the week of the 21st with rising volatility into January and the next inauguration.

Fat Lady Sings

This is warning clearly that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings as in opera.