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Nikki Haley’s Bizarre SNL Appearance

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The Democrats want the public to accept Nikki Haley as the alternative to Joe Biden. Over the weekend, Nikki Haley appeared on Saturday Night Live in an attempt to pander to the left. Her jokes were based on her only platform – defeating Donald Trump. The skit backfired, and Haley is trending online for her embarrassing performance. The Democrat’s Trojan Horse has opened before reaching the gates.

Haley asks a comedian portraying Donald Trump if he’s mentally competent during the skit. She pulled every cheap shot in the book, from joking about his legal battle with crazed E. Jean Carroll to the rumor that Trump is misogynistic. The actor portraying Trump declared that women are bad with money and should never run the economy, pandering to women voters despite Trump appointing countless women to his cabinet. The final nail in the coffin was Haley’s tasteless joke about slavery, as she has refused to admit that slavery played a major role in the US Civil War.

Haley managed to insult the elderly, women, sexual abuse survivors, and African Americans in a matter of minutes. She is completely disconnected from reality, as are her campaign managers. Her appearance on SNL was more than a failed comedy sketch; rather, it revealed that she is not fit to be the voice of America, and NEITHER side approves of her.

Donald Trump appeared on SNL during his presidential run to show that he was indifferent to criticism from the left. He gained the respect of many for putting himself in the hot seat and actually entertained the audience as he was in tune with the American people. Haley showed the public once again that her only platform is being an alternative to Donald Trump for the Republican Party. She is not a Republican and her SNL sketch has turned the Democrats against her. This woman has absolutely nothing to offer the American people other than war and destruction.