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Nikki Haley Wants Social Media Users to Verify Identity with Government

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Nikki Haley is a dangerous person who is pro-establishment and anti-American. Haley is eager for war with all of America’s adversaries simultaneously. This top Neocon would also like to place harsh restrictions on Americans, including our freedom of speech. Her most recent braindead idea states that all social media users should verify their identification.

“When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms. Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing. The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name,” Haley demanded. As with all laws shrouded in removing liberties, Haley claims this is a matter of national security. Social media platforms remain one of the last places that people can collectively share idea.

We do not need to show identification to vote, but we need one to sign onto X? She believes that the online wars between Israel and Palestine supporters is reason enough to remove our ability to share ideas on the internet without checking in with Big Brother first. This would permit the government to track our personal social media accounts with more ease. Social platforms would be required to submit user data to the US government, but she does not say what the government will do with this data. The government has long wanted a backdoor into social media platforms to track all our correspondences.


Her GOP rivals like DeSantis and Ramaswamy have attacked her plans. “You know who were anonymous writers back in the day? Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison when they wrote the Federalist Papers. They were not ‘national security threats,’ nor are the many conservative Americans across the country who exercise their Constitutional right to voice their opinions without fear of being harassed or canceled by the school they go to or the company they work for,” DeSantis wrote.

Hence it is crucial who comes into power next year as there are many establishment candidates who do not care about their constituents. Haley has not even been elected and she is drunk with power. This woman needs to be kept away from the White House as she has no respect for the US Constitution.