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Nikki Haley Finally Bows Out

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Nikki_Haley for President

Nikki. Haley was slaughtered on SuperTuesday and ended up with 89 delegates against President Trump’s 995. Even the Democrats, who were her main supporters, gave up. The strategy will be that they refuse to certify the vote when Trump wins relying on the dissent of their three Justices on the Supreme Court claiming that the 14th Amendment is self-executing so Congress need not pass any legislation. Trump gets no trial. Why bother? We are too stupid to have the right to vote. That’s why everyone rejects democracy and when Trump won in 2016, it was called “populism” not democracy. Once you hand power to anyone, they never want to hand it back.

2024 RotateThe Democrats will just refuse to honor the votes of the people. Their argument that Trump was an insurrectionist to try to stop the certification in 2021, they will do the same without the people so that by their definition it will not be an insurrection – just backroom politics as usual. It will be the people who have the burden to prove they violated their oath to defend the Constitution. There would be no peaceful transition of power. That will be 27.3 intervals of 8.6 years since 1789 – 235 years.

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Democrats 2024 election – heads we win – tails we win

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote