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New York to Provide Homeless Migrants Voter Registration Forms

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Ballot Voter Fraud

The deliberate invasion of America was permitted by the same people who want to give illegals the opportunity to vote. Nonprofit shelters will be required to provide non-citizens with paperwork to register to vote in upcoming elections, and New York has stipulated that the paperwork must be available in Spanish as well as Chinese.

Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis claims that her team discovered that migrants were being encouraged to vote after requesting information through the Freedom of Information law. The Department of Social Services denies her claims against the organization Homes for the Homeless. “These allegations are false and baseless. DHS is legally required to include language around voter registration in shelter contracts and this guidance applies only to eligible clients who are citizens, and would clearly not apply to asylum seekers in shelter,” a spokesperson said. Malliotakis and her team state that they firmly believe the city “intends to register non-citizens to vote” as there is an entire section of the contract with Homes for the Homeless that details voter registration.

Blue cities have been attempting to allow illegals to vote. In January 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams celebrated a new piece of legislation that would have permitted 800,000 “Dreamers” to register to vote. The measure was later found to be unconstitutional, but rest assured that the Dems will continue to fight for migrants to have the ability to vote and influence foreign elections. State election laws clearly say, “no person shall be qualified to register for and vote at any election unless he is a citizen of the United States.” Permitting illegals to vote is a direct violation of the Constitution that dictates “every citizen shall be entitled to vote at every election.” I could not enter China and vote in their election as that would be preposterous. Yet countless politicians across the West believe that they should have access to a new demographic of voters.

It is already happening in places like Ireland, where politicians pushed for non-citizen voting in 2019. “Immigration” to Ireland is at a 16-year high as the nation added over 100,000 new people this year alone. Only 30 to 50% of migrants in Ireland have registered, and various political agencies have launched multi-lingual campaign ads to increase migrant voter registration. Millions of migrants have infiltrated Western nations this year. The leverage they could have at the voting booth is of concern.