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New World Order v Status Quo

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NWO New World Order

QUESTION: “This New World Order will fail. ” assume status quo fails

before NWO fails… what will the new status quo look like?


Caesar People Believe

ANSWER: We all have opinions. In times like these, the personal opinion does not help very much for as Julius Caesar said, people believe what they want to believe. Those who want to believe in the end of the world will assert that the NWO will succeed. Those who want to believe in the opposite will do so all on their own. My opinion is not the foundation of the forecast by our computer. So you will see people attack me and say I am wrong all because they merely assert that their opinion is better than mine. What they fail to grasp here is the forecast is not based on my personal opinion or beliefs. They are irrelevant. We have been the largest institutional adviser in the world BECAUSE clients KNOW this is NOT my opinion.

That said, even when Marxism was the rallying cry back in 1917, it did not merely take control passively. Over 200 million died in civil wars trying to stop communism in both Russia and in China. Anyone who thinks that this NWO will simply seize control of everything in the middle of the night peacefully neither understand history, nor human nature. There is no way this NWO will simply seize control of the entire world.

Ticker Tape Parade 1960

This very proxy war using Ukraine as the spearhead to overthrow Russia is part of this agenda. These people are counting on Putin being overthrown, Russia being defeated, and it will simply collapse and being taken over by the West. It is the very same theory of the Neocons about the Middle East to overthrow the dictators and the people will cheer and hand them some sort of ticker-tape parade as if they were liberated from a foreign invader like Hitler when they are the foreign invader. That too is a deranged self-delusional theory that they just want to believe.

Ebay Russians

They have demonized Putin and that is part of the strategy. The downside is that the average person then applies that to all Russians as we are seeing in many places. Even on eBay, there are people who want all Russians banned. Go to many bars and you will see that any Russian vodka has been withdrawn. The hatred against all Russians is reaching a serious level in society. Even the  Czech Republic has ordered the seizure of all assets belonging to any Russian whatsoever. Ukraine long considered the most corrupt government in Europe if not the world, has been confiscating the assets of any Russian as well. They had PayPal seizing money from people for spreading “misinformation” about COVID.

PEI30Y Y 1834 Pays Off Debt

This idea of a NWO will fail. The status quo is collapsing and we will be entering civil chaos next year and eventually World War III. This is not going to be a mere walk in the park. We are looking at another Sovereign Debt default just as took place in 1840 and then 1931. For those who do not know their history, the US paid off all its debt in 1834. Andrew Jackson’s Bank War to destroy the Bank of the United States led to private banks issuing their own money.

Citizens Bank LA 1830 Broken Bank Note

That led to what collectors call the Broken Banknote period following the Panic of 1837. That led to Sovereign Debt defaults at the State level. The US austerity at the federal level contributed to the subsequent Civil War thanks to Jackson’s war on the banks. This merely exasperated the regional tensions between North & South where the position against slavery in the North predicated on religious beliefs was actually undermining the economy of the South that then manifested into the age-old battle between federalism and state’s rights. That continues to this day for other reasons that were heightened by COVID.


If you just look at Britain and Liz Truss’s approach to this economic crisis, the new British government has become a symbol of a global political crisis. These fools have created shortages with COVID and then they have been cheering Ukraine on to try to cause the collapse of Russia without a second thought about what would the world economy be like even if that happened. We have people at the helm of governments who are incompetent and believe only what the teleprompters tell them to believe. Anyone who thinks this NWO will simply slip into place without a fuss is simply delusional. There is going to be sheer chaos on the street next year. Biden’s administration is ONLY concerned about ending fossil fuels. They want a total ban on all offshore drilling.  They have no plan to even provide an alternative when it would take at least a 400% increase in the power grid just for electric cars. Then there are heating homes in the winter nobody seems to think about.

As I have said, if Putin was really trying to conquer Ukraine, the first thing you do is take out the power grid. That will be even more devastating if everything is electric.