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NATO & Russia Moving Toward War

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Communism v capitalism

QUESTION: News from Russia is claiming there will be a major war with NATO. I do not understand if Russia is no longer Communist; what is the real issue that we have to move to World War again?


ANSWER: It’s just time. Having met a Neocon face to face, all I can offer is my opinion. They sought to do what Khrushchev threatened to bring communism to the world, so they claimed they would conquer the world by imposing their version of democracy, which is propaganda. We are NEVER asked if our taxes should be raised or if we want to go to war with Russia and China. Vietnam saw an 18-year-old sent off to die when he was too young to drink or to vote. But that was their version of democracy. No better than the communists, from what I can see. There is no common sense and certainly no logic to try to wage war against Russia and China and claim they would never use nukes, even if they were about to be destroyed. This is just insane.

Everything is always a knee-jerk reaction. The Warsaw Pact was created on May 14, 1955, in response to West Germany joining NATO on May 6th, 1955 – 8 days before. The Democrats impeached Trump twice, and now the Republicans are impeaching Biden. No matter what you look at, when one side does something, it results in the other side responding in the same manner. This never ends.