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Musk’s Battle to Save America From Absolute Tyranny

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Elon Musk’s battle to take over Twitter and restore free speech is a battle to save the very foundation of what a real free society was supposed to be. Every person on the board of Twitter is doing their part in trying to destroy the United States and hand our dignity and sovereignty to the United Nations precisely as the World Economic Forum openly states in their goal.

Biased Press

The hate that these people are pushing to destroy the very foundation of freedom is just unbelievable. They cheer Bill Gates for becoming the largest farm landholder and Jeff Bezos for taking over the Washington Post and pushing as far left as possible. These evil manipulators think they can bullshit the people all the time and they are doing their best to brainwash everyone they can. The launch of CNN+ gets less than 10,000 viewers which is less than even our sites.

These people cheer Twitter for taking a Poison Pill to prevent free speech so they can try to force their distorted view of freedom upon the entire population. These are the same people who kiss the ground that George Soros walks on holding hands with Klaus Schwab – people who cannot die without destroying the very world that gave them wealth and stature. George Soros has come out and said  “America is the gravest threat to world freedom.” Thus Soros send money to DEFUND POLICE in order to create civil unrest.

tSchwab 2030 Overthrow USA

I wish I could buy millions of shares of Twitter and join Elon Musk. Unfortunately, because of SEC regulations, I cannot own any shares without disclosing every share I own since we advised around the world. Otherwise, I would join Musk for this is now a battle for the very heart of America. These people need to be sent a message to stop trying to destroy America by following their fearless leader – Klaus Schwab. I will NOT allow any company that is partners with Schwab or his World Economic Forum to access Socrates or any advice whatsoever.

All I can hope is that real patriots will come and support Musk in his take over of Twitter.