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Mirror Mirror on the Wall – They Are Trying to Make Us Socialists After All

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Witch in Mirror

As we head into the end of this 51.6-year cycle which peaks in 2032, I have warned that historically, this is when we get the most tyrannical moves on the part of governments. They are losing power in a Private Wave and as such they become very aggressive. This is what super-charges markets during this last two 8.6-year waves so everything is on schedule.

1 ECM 1929

Note that the wave which peaked in 1929 was also a Private Wave. Adolf Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison, where he dictated Mein Kampf to his fellow prisoners Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess. On December 20th, 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released. This came during the last two waves and was the rise in civil discontent in Europe. The rise in socialism in the United States came at the midpoint of this Private Wave.


NAZI goebbels_books_burning


We are facing what I call a very dangerous Corporate-Political-Fascist Future. The Nazis burned books to prevent people from disagreeing with their philosophy. Here we have YouTube, Facebook, and other “social media” removing anything that also disagrees with their philosophy. CNN refuses to accept advertisements from Trump just out of sheer tyrannical hatred.

This is all the very same Fascist state of mind, yet what I find really amazing, these people call Trump FASCIST. It has been the actions of CNN, You Tube and others that are suppressing free speech in the very same identical manner as the Nazi movement did in the 1930s. Granted, their goals may not be to create some Aryan race. But supporting Bill Gates who believed in reducing the world population indiscriminately to save the planet is not exactly pro-humanity.

Corporate Fascist

With the corporations lining up to help create tracing-apps for this pretend Global Heath Threat, which is less that 1/10th of one percent, we are entering into a diabolical partnership where our future is being threatened and that of our families by a new type of Corporate-Political-Fascism that has existed before but not on such a grand scale. Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” lasted only twelve years before getting destroyed. Cyclically, they will also find this last 12-year interval into 2032 their own well deserved demise. It does not appear that CNN will still exist post-2032. They have sealed their own fate. CNN is just one example that Socrates does not see as a long-term viable company.


Hitler Beatle

Still, Germany was one of the world’s leading economies back during the NAZI era, which meant that many companies were more than happy to do business with the Nazis. Hugo Boss produced the uniforms for the Brown Shirts, SS, and Hitler Youth. Volkswagen was founded by the Nazis, and the Beetle was Hitler’s dream car. IBM put its technology at the Nazis’ Disposal as well. In 2001, a bombshell of a book by Edwin Black, IBM and the Holocaust, drew on over 20,000 documents unearthed from archives in numerous countries, to describe a twelve year old alliance between IBM and the Third Reich. As for fake news, the Associated Press engaged in Self-Censorship and fired its German Jewish Staff to Placate the Nazis.

We have entered that same unholy type of partnership and this is very unsettling. Some companies just line-up gleefully to help tyranny.

Corp Fascism Tracking App

No doubt, those in the technology world assisting governments to be able to track every person are too blinded by the money to look beyond that to a new world they are helping to create. This becomes a sad day for our basic human and civil rights. The markets are our only guide, for as Socrates looks at some of these companies conspiring against the people, they do not look to be surviving their own decisions post-2022.

European Revolution

In January 2016, we published the start of the Revolutionary Cycle. We warned that this was due right here with the turn in the Economic Confidence Model – January 18, 2020. We should expect the markets to reflect this trend and this is where Socrates comes into play. It is the only such system monitoring everything and correlating it on a global scale. There are not enough analysts in the entire world to cover all the markets Socrates has been monitoring. This will be the only tool to identify where to turn to and where to run away from even on a company by company basis. This is NOT my personal opinion. There is no human intervention in writing any of these reports on over 1,000 instruments every day.

So while there are corporations eager to assist in the demise of our way of life joining the trend of fake news and Corporate-Political-Fascism partnership, Socrates is the counter-trend technology to expose their corruption and their demise.