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Mexican President Obrador Blackmails US Over Migrant Crisis

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Border Wall Mexico

The US-Mexico border crisis has been a disaster for Mexico. The US openly asked citizens from other nations to flood its border with Mexico without concern for the repercussions. Mexico cannot handle the influx of migrants storming its own borders on their way to the Land of the Free. Mexican President Obrador is asking the US to fix issues throughout Latin America in exchange for aiding the crisis at the border.

“We do want for the root causes to be attended to, for them to be seriously looked at,” Obrador said on the show 60 Minutes. The president then stated that the US should send $20 billion in aid annually to Latin American countries and nearly admitted that his requests are a form of diplomatic blackmail. He is also demanding that the US grant Mexican migrants legal immigration status.

Lifting sanctions on Venezuela and ending the embargo in Cuba are two potential solutions to improve conditions in those countries as sanctions never work anyhow. However, Obrador is completely overreaching with his other suggestions and has become embolden with Biden in power. It is not America’s responsibility to fund other nations or their people, especially considering America is $32 trillion in debt and counting. Providing aid is NEVER the solution because governments mismanage the funds, ensuring they funnel back into their own government.

America cannot fix failed socialist policies that other nations adopted. It is completely unreasonable to expect America to fund other nations. Why should America prioritize Mexican immigrants? Why do people want to leave your nation, President Obrador? Are you doing anything about your massive cartel crisis that is causing people to flee for their lives?


The quality of living in America far exceeds the conditions in the majority of Latin America. Migrants are receiving more from the US government per month than they would have received in a year actually working in their home countries. These suggestions/threats are complete blackmail, and I highly question whether he would have the nerve to make these statements if we had a strong leader as president. We went from asking Mexico to fund the border wall to allowing Mexico to extort the US to fund failed socialist countries.