Mass Graves in Canada Were a Hoax

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”Anytime we think about unmarked mass graves, we think about a distant country where a genocide has happened. This is not a distant country,” Dictator Justin Trudeau announced. It was an emotional narrative used to condemn the people of Canada into remembering the ill will of their ancestors. A call for supporting indigenous and minority communities. Masses of unmarked graves of children found at Catholic schools in Canada could have been a reason to abandon the church and turn toward government. Countless resources went in to promoting this narrative for two years. Problem is that there were no mass graves.

The Canadian government spent billions searching for evidence of the “cultural genocide.” The Truth and Reconciliation commission estimated that between 3,000 and 6,000 children died at these religious schools, primarily Catholic. It seemed too tragic to question. They excavated the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church as the story said at least 60 children had been discarded there. No bodies were found. Researchers claimed that ground-penetrating sonar systems showed that there were hundreds of bodies beneath the ground, but not one has been found.

Justin Trudeau set aside a $40 billion budget for First Nations child welfare in 2021 after admitting that Canada was responsible for those deaths. Memorial services were held at sites where they believed mass graves existed. Trudeau, of course, showed up for the photo opportunity.

Canada did of course treat the First Nations people horribly. But this elaborated story of the Catholic Church covering up the deaths of countless children has been a complete hoax. The government ran with the story because it supported the right narrative.