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Manchin Votes No on Build Back Better

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Biden Build Back Better

Sen. Joe Manchin has announced that he won’t support President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better package. The West Virginia Democrat, who has tried negotiating with the White House on the massive social spending bill, has said that he is a no vote on the legislation.

“I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just can’t. I’ve tried everything humanly possible. I can’t get there,” Manchin said. “This is a no.”

The Build Back Better Act is far more than the president’s signature domestic policy bill or the wish-list of the AOC progressives/communists. While his bill narrowly passed the House last month over the unanimous opposition of Republicans, this near $2 trillion spending spree which is totally uncalled for as some stimulus plan for the economy, includes a number of progressive priorities, such as free preschool, major climate change initiatives and extending the child tax credit. But with that money for free preschool comes federal strings attached as to the theories that will be taught to children too young to understand they are being brainwashed which was precisely the objective of Communism behind the Berlin Wall.

Keynesian Economics Dead

The amount of spending with the combined Infrastructure Bill and this Build Back Better agenda which is fashioned by the World Economic Forum to further Marxism which may yet be called Schwabism is so irresponsible when the economy is NOT in a Great Depression. Not even John Maynard Keynes ever advocated such a spending spree when the economy was not in a Depression. It has been this type of fiscal mismanagement that is bringing down Western Civilization for the AOC progressives hate anyone who creates jobs and thinks the government is the source of all radiance – not the private sector nor the sun as the source of any global warming.

Build Back Better 1

This Build Back Better agenda was floated at Davos in January 2019. It was an agenda sold to world leaders because of the sovereign debt crisis and this spending spree is in preparation of simply defaulting on all government debt. They have the perfect president who is clueless that he is the knife being used to assist the United States to commit suicide with its own Constitution.

WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

Part of this agenda that is being pitched by Schwab that you will own nothing and be happy is a clever ploy to make you think they are wiping out all debt and this is really for you. This agenda is driven by the fact that governments can no longer continue to borrow year after year with no intention of ever repaying. The entire Keynesian Model is collapsing before our eyes.

Thank God for Joe Manchin for he is the only Democrat rejecting this directive coming from Klaus Schwab. The Democrats look at the progressive promises and think that this will buy their votes for 2022. But then what? Do they then create Build Back Better 2.0 for 2024 and increase the spending by $5 trillion? These politicians cannot look past the immediate moment and the personal self-interest. What are they doing to the nation and the future? To hell with the nation!

What about the agenda of indoctrination attached to preschool? Even the Critical Race Theory teaching that white are inherently racists is undermining civilization which is the result of everyone coming together for their mutual benefit. Dividing society by race and religion is to ensure the people will never ban together against the government. This is how tyranny flourishes. They know how to do it for the only history they refer to is how to suppress the people for their own self-interest.


Roots of Evil Christopher Hibbert P145

There is nothing they do not twist around for personal agendas. Slavery in the United States began with whites from England being sentenced to indentured servitude for even shoplifting an apple. The Constitution expressly forbids indentured servitude. The English Crown sold you to the highest bidder. Law became profitable to punish people they could then sell for labor to Plantations in America. Ben  Franklin objected and said how you England like it if they bagged all the rattlesnakes and shipped them to England? Only when the American Revolution began did England then send their criminal to Australia. Many people who also wanted to get a new life, intentionally committed a minor offense to get free passage to the New World.


The abuse of this WOKE movement is the lack of any historical research. They simply said Jefferson owned slaves to justify removing his statue. But he inherited the slaves and he was the one against slavery and created the political storm by inserting in the Declaration of Independence that “all” men were created equal. They fail to understand that one could not just free his slaves at that point in time for there was no employment or a local Starbucks and they would own no property to even grow their own food. Jefferson was the inspiration behind the whole anti-Slavery movement. When in 1861 Russia abolished serfdom, the people owned nothing. That is what led to the Russian Revolution which first began in 1905.

US First States 1789

Thomas Jefferson’s words:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Jefferson’s views on black Americans and slavery were very clear that he undoubtedly hated slavery and believed that the self-evident truths he had set forth in 1776 ought eventually to doom the institution in the United States.

The majority of states, including New York, were slave states. It was NOT a North v South issue at that time. But the slavery had begun as indentured servitude. To now fault Jefferson simply because he owned slaves in a system that was slave-based to diminish the shortage of labor in a new world, is to ignore the history and a man who was bucking the establishment of his time. Tearing down his statue because of slavery or that of Christopher Columbus who did not create slavery 300 years later only shows the ignorance behind this agenda. Columbus believed he landed in India.

It was Amerigo Vespucci (1451-1512) who America is named after for he is the one who figured out it was a new continent. Yet they tear down statues of Columbus and the day named in his honor October 12, 1492, Biden declared Oct. 11 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day when no Indigenous people were made slaves. European settlers invaded their lands. So to rectify that, all whites should just be deported to where their families came from?

Also ignored was the legal justification for slavery that not merely extended into ancient times, but also explains why the Dutch imported black slaves from Africa when there was an ample supply of Indians in America who could have been less expensive to turn into slaves. A slave was legal as the spoils of war. Rome sold all the inhabitants of Carthage into slavery finally to end their Punic wars with Carthage. The “Slavic” ethnicity of the Balkans means “slave” for they were often the source for slaves from war. Since the American Indians were not the spoils of war, it was legally and religiously forbidden to take them as slaves.

The Dutch were buying the Africans from other Africans who told the Dutch they were the spoils of war to satisfy the legal and religious distinction for a slave. Thus, the Africans were imported as slaves to replace the white trade in criminal labor from England.ETRURIA_African Elephant AE17

In Ancient Times, Africans trained elephants and participated in battles as mercenaries. They would ride the elephants they trained during the Punic Wars. They were not slaves for they were not the spoils of war.

The problem with Critical Race Theory is simply that it ignores history and implies that it is white against all people of color without ever explaining what the American Indians were excluded from slavery. This has set off a serious crisis where they have sought to even teach Critical Race Theory in Britain where the same issues of slavery did not exist. The Critical Race Theory has even emerged on the floor of Parliament.

This entire agenda of Critical Race Theory is dividing the country, which is precisely opposite of what is needed to reduce civil unrest. This is all about retribution for previous generations when history is even distorted. It certainly appears that this is intended to divide the people to prevent a unified uprising against the government as it moves down this path of the Great Reset and Sovereign Debt Default.

Schwabs Dream

Senator Manchin is the ONLY Democrat willing to defend his country against this foreign invasion to transform the world into the dream of Klaus Schwab, who is very much a control freak the very same type of character as Bill Gates.