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Mainstream Media Remains in Denial About Voter Fraud

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Democrats are like zebra, they change their stripes according to self-interest whereas the Republicans can become white elephants when required. In this case, the mainstream media and governors swear the vote was real. However, Biden received more votes in only the swing states, beating Obama and Hillary, which is really astonishing. But the truth has been that people have been warning for a very long time that the American voting machines have been vulnerable and nobody has addressed the issue. In fact, the American voting system VIOLATES the Equal Protection Clause because there is absolutely no standard nationally for a federal election. In some states, anyone charged with any crime loses their right to vote and the governor has to restore it while in other states they can vote. This is no different than saying people of color are not allowed to vote in some states or anyone who belongs to a particular religion. Then not all states allocate electoral votes on a winner takes all method. Two states allocate electors according to the popular vote.

Can the election be a do-over? No, there is no time. The only solution is that the election should be ruled null and void by the Supreme Court and it should be thrown into the House of Representatives. The allegations of fraud are massive. I seriously doubt that 25% of the people voted for Biden because they really thought he was competent. The rest voted for Biden because they hated Trump. The computer has been correct far beyond what even I suspected was possible. Yes, it forecast that this would end in the most violent election since the ’60s. We have Antifa sill protesting and they want to overthrow the United States, capitalism, and colonialism. Besides tearing down whatever they can get their hands on, what is their solution? If the land was stolen from the Indians, then the right thing to do is not tear down statues of Columbus, but get on the next plane and go back to their original country. You can’t have it both ways.