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Mailboxes & Election 2020

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COMMENT: Hello Marty and AE Global—–Regarding the USPS Mail in Ballots: Under the Obama Administration, they shutdown dozens of Post Offices around the country, diminished regional center capacity, and Dianne Feinstein’s husband, who’s in the real estate business, got the exclusive listing to sell the all these commercial buildings. Trumps campaign should point out this critical fact, as mail and package shipping capacity has been seriously reduced, not to mention employment. Now with the lock down, mail order and shipping has exploded amplifying that loss of capacity. These Democrats cause the crisis and then play the Art of War by blaming the Republicans. Keep up the good fight!

REPLY: I do not think that the nonsense of mail-in ballots will alter the election unless it is a huge avalanche. The primary object seems to be to delay the ability to declare a victor and there is some arguing to extend it past the deadline into January and then Pelosi will pick the President. I sure hope not for that will lead to civil war. This is why the Democrats have been making overtures to the military elite even promising them more freedom for war.

Guaranteed Basic Income

People just do not realize that this is a major coup being carried out on a global basis to subjugate the world all for this insane Global Warming/Climate Change. These people are carrying out their agenda and they have no problem destroying everyone’s future. The Democrats are on board and are also planning to roll out Guaranteed Basic Income based on discussions I have had behind the curtain.

I have warned that the LEFT will never tolerate opposition. They demand everything must be their way or no way. They are not satisfied with I leave you alone and you leave me alone. They do not believe in freedom and they even try to shut down religion. That was standard in all Communist movements.