Mail In Ballots are Antiquated – Vote On Line

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It would be so simple to write an APP. This took me less than 30 minutes. You tie this to a database and off you go. You have a voting system that there can be no fraud. The SS# is checked against an active filing – so no dead people vote as they do in Chicago indefinitely. You can easily search each vote to ensure they voted only once and you can have a winner within 15 minutes of the vote closing.

You can make this APP to work on smartphones with no problem. Anyone who does not have a phone or a computer can go to a polling place and make an appointment to ensure your social distancing no different from going food shopping.

The Post Office is a joke. They lose many things and their explanation was COVID. Throwing $3.5 billion into the Post Office is pointless. End the COVID restrictions, end social distancing, and allow people to transport mail and products. That will not cost $3.5 billion. It will be ZERO. Restore the norm!