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Liberals Fall Out of Favor

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The Liberals of Canada have fallen out of favor, as evidenced by party’s defeat in the special election. Toronto – St. Paul’s had been filled by Liberals since 1993, but has been overtaken by Conservatives. We see this trend happening throughout the world as the politics have shifted so far left that the people have been swayed like a pendulum to the opposite side.

Angus Reid released a poll earlier in the week to ask Canadian’s who they’d like to replace Prime Minister Dictator Justin Trudeau. There was not enough support for any replacement to indicate that the Liberals could win, with Conservatives overpowering the Liberal Party by a 21-point gap. “Canadians are more likely than not to say rumoured successors such as Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc and President of the Treasury Board Anita Anand would drive them away from the party,” the Angus Reid poll found.

Bad news for the Liberal Party as they were positioning Freeland, a fellow World Economic Forum zealot, to be Trudeau’s successor.

Trudeau 7

The poll asked undecided voters why they were hesitant to support the Liberal Party and it comes down to results. About 31% said they simply do not want Justin Trudeau to lead, with another 29% citing government spending as their main issue. Simply wait until the impact of the capital gains taxes are felt, which I believe will cause far more people to flee the Liberal Party and never look back.

Two out of five (37%) voters are leaning toward the Liberal Party, but almost half (48%) of those voters say the current administration has not made any meaningful issues on any matter that they find important such as housing, price stability, or health care. What could the Liberals do within the next year to solve these issues? Trudeau has certainly had enough time to address these issues, but instead, he has only exacerbated them.

Yet, 60% of Canadians said they are not fully locked into one party over another. More Conservatives (65%) said they will vote for their party regardless, with only 38% of Liberals feeling the same and 30% of New Democrats.

Overall, 60% of voters cited the cost of living and runaway inflation as their top concerns. This is the same concern for people throughout the West, be it in Canada, the United States, or anywhere in the EU. The talking heads can tell us our economies are well and good all they want but the people see their quality of life declining as a direct result of government policies. We listen when our governments announce endless aid packages to foreign nations with no concern for their countries. The people are simply exhausted by the current world leaders and are seeking a change. Will the establishment under the thumb of globalists permit the people to vote for a new authority? The months ahead shall be interesting.