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Let the Political Games Begin – Battle to the Death

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Pelosi Tears up Trumps Speech


Well when our computer warned that the 2020 election was going to be the most contested and violent, we just saw how it will kick-off. The impeachment trial has ended and it was really a joke. At least Clinton and Nixon committed crimes that anybody else would have gone to prison for committing. This was a serious mistake for the Democrats and it illustrates that the party no longer represents their more middle of the road liberal policies.

It was a symbolic battle of this nation’s state of affairs that was on display for everyone to witness. Trump snubbed Pelosi. Pelosi stood up immediately following President Trump’s State of the Union address and tore up the pages of his speech, on camera, as the president began to exit the podium for the entire world to watch. This was throwing down the gauntlet and this election will be the vilest we have perhaps witnessed, surpassing the most notorious confrontations in history since Abraham Lincoln and the start of the Civil War.

I will state once again — NEITHER SIDE will accept the result in 2020. The government has ceased to function.