JFK – REAGAN – TRUMP on Freedom

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COMMENT: Hi Martin,
Re: your blog post about multiple Faucis….
Couldn’t agree more with your comments. Especially love this one: “I find it hypocritical that the argument against restricting abortions that the Democrats throw out “IF IT’S NOT YOUR BODY IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE“. Yet somehow that does not apply when forcing experimental vaccines that are not approved.” Good catch on that one.
I no longer live in Amerikka. It does now appear to be a Hypo(dermic)-cracy now.
Seems I’m always reminding people that JFK spoke about FREEDOM. Freedom is a human value. Anything less, is purely political. I don’t know if he ever said “we’re spreading democracy around the world.”
Unfortunately, perhaps the concept and perspective of freedom died with him.
Thanks for all you do, Marty.



REPLY: I had the honor of shaking JFK’s hand but I was just a kid of 11 at the time in Willingboro, New Jersey on Oct. 16, 1960. He was the first president I ever met. I would have to say that his spirit of freedom I only saw in two other Presidents – Ronal Reagan and Donald Trump. I was invited to a private affair in March 2020 at his Mar-a-Lago by Trump. I found him much more personal than I would have expected. I was impressed with his explanation to end all wars and said he was tired of having to write letters to the family of fallen soldiers. He expressly stated that they have been fighting over borders in that region for thousands of years. We will not solve it by shedding the blood of our boys.

I was also very impressed with Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher. They were people who really did care. All other heads of state I have met I cannot say the same about. Many seemed to be there just for the power. Bill Clinton honestly appeared to be driven by Hillary who I think wanted to be president more than him.

I am not sure but those who really care about freedom seem to be far and few between. I know a lot of people hate Trump and see him as arrogant. Sometimes when someone sends an email, we read it incorrectly whereas the same words said in a person depending upon the reflection of how it is said. As lawyers will warn, in court you never make jokes.  You can say yes, and I killed JFK while I was at it in a joking manner but in a transcript, you just confessed.

I disagreed with Trump on his protectionist policies. But that is to be expected from people who were taught that in school from the outset.