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It’s Just Time – Political Revolution

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Its Just Time

Back in 2008, I named a report after what Margaret Thatcher had told me about politics. I began that report by writing:

Time is but a dimension that we divide up to mark its passing. Western thought, unfortunately, is linear, not dynamic. This has been the curse of Western understand­ing and knowledge. Time is but a cycle – a circle. Asians are raised with the idea of cycles leading to a more dynamic thinking process. Some see and feel cycles, and some see it as necessary and instinctively understand them. Lady Margaret Thatcher once commented to me that the Conservatives would lose the elections in Great Britain when John Major was running, she said – “It’s just time.

Lady Thatcher came and spoke at our conference on cycles. She said.

Thatcher 1997



Today’s British election is underway, and we will see a sweep where Labour will replace Conservatives, who have acknowledged that Labour appears headed for victory and urged voters not to hand the party a “supermajority.” Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak insisted “the outcome of this election is not a foregone conclusion.” However, in a message to voters on Wednesday, Sunak said that “if the polls are to be believed, the country could wake up tomorrow to a Labour supermajority ready to wield their unchecked power.” He urged voters to back the Conservatives to limit Labour’s power. The Conservatives have been more concerned about appeasing Anthony Blinken and the American quest to conquer Russia. To hell with the economy or the people. Britain was fully on board with the Globalists, which was precisely OPPOSITE of all the positions to retain independence from Europe, which were the core policies of Lady Thatcher.

I have done some interviews in Britain where the host reluctantly put me on the air because of my connection with Lady Thatcher and their obstinacy about even trying to understand her policies. Many regard her as the most hated Prime Minister, all because they were used to handouts. They claim that she destroyed Britain’s manufacturing industry, and her policies led to mass unemployment. That was absurd, for the world was engulfed in the crisis at the time – not just Britain.

I advised companies that wanted to get into the EU and needed skilled labor to place them in Britain, while I placed those that needed the best tax deals, like airlines, in Ireland. Thatcher had heard that there was this guy rearranging companies and wanted to meet me. She asked me why I placed industries in Britain compared to other European countries. I explained that the cost per employee in other regulations was 40% less in Britain compared to Germany at the time.

Others argued that she presided over 15% interest rates. Again, that was not unique to Britain; it was a global trend. Most of the complaints about Thatcher were based on their ignorance of global trends. No single country can reverse a worldwide recession, no matter who the politician might be. The very best you can do is minimize the volatility and depth of the decline.

I did feel the public would never understand her reasoning regarding the poll tax. She felt that if people had skin in the game, this would limit government waste. But the people, I said, are like dogs. They are satisfied with the scraps from your table, not about jumping on your table and eating the whole meal. Others complain that she sowed the seeds of NHS Privatisation. I think Russia proved, as did ancient Byzantium, that the government is INCAPABLE of running anything efficiently. Those who hated Thatcher seemed to want to be taken care of and had no interest in their country.

Thatcher Federal Europe

What the self-centered haters of Thatcher refuse to understand, no less acknowledge, is that she SAVED Britain. I remember she said if she walked across the Thames River, they would say it was because she did not know how to swim. The coup staged against her by John Major and others was to take Britain into the fantasy land of the Euro. Major took Britain into the ERM and overvalued the pound, which led Soros to make his fortune thanks to John Major and others.

She knew that Tony Blair would win long before there were polls. When I asked why, she told me, “It’s Just Time.” She understood cycles better than any Western politician I have ever met. So while the ignorant still hate Margaret Thatcher, they will now get to see what voting for self-interest will do with promises of more money.

Economy Politics

The one thing I have learned from our computer is that if you turn the economy around with these Economic Confidence Model turning points, you will get political change. What is sweeping the world is that 60% of it is going to an election, and WHOEVER is in power is just being thrown out. The Globalists have been trying to take over everything, creating their dream of a one-world government headed by the United Nations with the elimination of our right to vote on anything. Their dream is a global dictatorship. Democracy must end as part of their agenda. It is refreshing to see Macron in trouble, as is Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. World leaders like Trudeau in Canada, Biden in the USA, and Ursula in the EU have a common goal – war against Russia at all costs and the creation of this one-world government bringing Democracy to an end. The people are responding regardless if they call themselves conservative, liberal, labour, or communist. Whoever is in power is taking the brunt of this global political shift.

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