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Italian Connection Video Partly Recorded

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This is part of the video we recorded and midstream, YouTube removed it because anything that gives any counter-view is removed. This is the type of censorship we are facing. This is standard for socialist/communist revolutions and this is the only conclusion we can come up with.

Kristol the war over Iraq

What they are saying in this video will eventually come out one way or another. However, it presents allegations that go right to the top of the EU military and of course the US intelligence agencies and defense contractors. The Democrats historically take us into war, WWI, WWI, Vietnam, it was Cheney who took us into Iraq, but it was Obama who tried to wage war on Syria. The Neo-CFons just want war, such as Bill Kristol. I know him and he even spoke at one of our WEC conferences back in the 90s. He is the one who wrote the book to justify the war in Iraq.

They hand-picked Bush Jr who they told me was “stupid” and Cheney was the real president. You do not even see Bush Jr out there making speeches like Obama. It was Reagan who defunded the World Health Organization, then Bush Sr, a career politician, restored it. Trump defended them again, and Biden will restore it. Always the outsiders look at the UN and see it as a threat to our country and defund it but it is always the career politician who restores it. Biden is a place holder like Bush Jr. There is no way this guy is competent to be president but they hand-picked him against a field of people far more qualified. Even Hillary would have been a hands-on president, which they definitely do not want right now.

So Buckle-Up. BigTek is out to also overthrow the United States as we have known it and they have been promised the takeover of banking because the end goal is to default on national debts by this Global Cabal which involved the United Nationals, World Bank, and the International Monetary Funs in league with the World Economic Forum where both the head of the IMF and the European Central Bank sits on the board of trustees with Kalus Schwab.

Epoch Times has put out an announcement:

A Battle Against Arbitrary

If you’ve looked at our articles on Facebook recently, you might have noticed a fact-check label, not about any specific article, but about our entire publication.

Because we’ve posted content labeled by Facebook’s chosen fact-checkers as false, our entire publication is now penalized whenever we post.