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Israelis Blame Netanyahu

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Netanyahu is another corrupt politician leading the world into ruin. He has faced charges of fraud, bribery, breach of trust, and conspiracy throughout his presidency, but that is peanuts compared to what is currently happening. It is hard to believe that Israeli intelligence was unaware that 1,000 Hamas fighters were amassed at the border. Netanyahu claims that the terrorists simply outsmarted Israeli intelligence and there was nothing he could have done to prevent the attack, but the people of Israel want to hold  Netanyahu responsible for the October 7 invasion.

Most nations believe their leader is corrupt, but the people simply have no say. An opinion poll by Maariv newspaper found that 80% of Israelis want to hold Netanyahu responsible for failing to secure the border and allowing Hamas to enter Israel. Only 8% believe he should not be held responsible. Most Israelis (65%) want a ground offensive in Gaza, with only 21% in opposition. Around 51% say they want a large-scale military operation that expands north to Lebanon, with 30% citing only a limited operation is needed.

Dialog Center poll found that 86% of Israelis believe their government failed to prevent the Hamas attack. Almost everyone (94%) believes that the government needs to take responsibility for what occurred, with 75% believing the government holds the brunt of the burden. Over half (56%) want Netanyahu to resign as well as Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (52%).

How did Hamas enter Israel? The government has yet to explain how the Iron Dome failed. They have not explained the extended period of time it took for troops to reach the site where the invasion took place. No one has explained why the US and Israel just so happened to arrange an open visa program shortly before the attack, or why NSA members were trading Northcorp stock ahead of October 7. Again, Palestine does not have an official military. How on Earth could a group of non-professional fighters penetrate one of the tightest borders in the world? Many know the answer.