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Is Trump Jr Being Set up By his Own Lawyers?

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One of the most interesting events is how the Democrats and Muller have gone after Trump, Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer last year. The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower said the president’s oldest son told her the U.S. government would review a 2012 law punishing Russian human rights abusers if Donald Trump won the presidency, according to a report. So what is this really about? It’s called the Maginsky Act.

I have written before that the Maginsky Act was a political payback for Bill Browder.  The claim of Browder that his Russian tax attorney Sergei Magnitsky was imprisoned and died before trial was trying to fight corruption in Russia is far from the truth with his  Hermitage Capital. This is the very operation that Edmond Safra (Republic National Bank) and crew wanted me to invest $10 billion in and it was all about making money – not fighting political corruption.

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Forecaster The Movie R 1The documentary film about me and this incident, the Forecaster, was banned in the United States. NetFlix at first agreed to air the film and then management killed the deal. The distributor in the USA and Switzerland paid for the rights and then refused to show the film in theaters. That entire thing was about blackmailing Yeltsin to take over Russia. Talk about manipulating elections – nobody will talk the truth about this matter and you would think that Trump Jr.’s lawyers would be on the phone with me. No way! That leaves a HUGE question in my mind whether Trump, Jr.’s lawyers are really defending him or are they just pretending?

Putin seized all the assets of Hermitage Capital and Browder fought in Congress to get the Magnitsky Act passed to try to seize assets to get his money back. I always found it very strange that here the object was to influence the election of the president of Russia by blackmail, and the Congress passes the Magnitsky Act as if it was human rights because of some attorney who dies in a prison in Russia. Something is seriously missing. The fact that Trump Jr.’s lawyers are not bringing this out, which would really go to the heart of all this Russian nonsense, makes me wonder who is pulling the strings behind the curtain to set-up Trump, Jr.