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Is Trump Being Kept in the Dark?

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QUESTION: Regarding the repo crisis blog. Surely president Trump would be interested in what you do. Am I just being naive? I mean if the administration were kept informed by Socrates, knowing it’s history, wouldn’t they try to adapt?
At some point they have to admit your right.

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ANSWER: I think Trump himself would certainly adapt. The problem is there has been a massive defense perimeter around Trump. I do know some people read. But I also know many people have tried to penetrate that defensive perimeter without success. It would take thousands of people writing to the White House to perhaps make a dent. His statement that he thinks the Fed should have negative interest rates demonstrates he is being kept in the dark.

Once upon a time, I could write to the President and get a response in a matter of days. Trump is being deliberately kept in the dark. While our computer shows he should win, it also shows he may not finish out a second term. I do not think that is due to some impeachment. My concern remains that he has one thing in common with JFK. They both were against war. Even JFK stated in the debate with Nixon that the decline in the dollar was because the military was expanding globally. His comments even sparked the first gold panic in 1960.

My concern is that the coup against Trump from the intelligence agencies is all about they see him as curtailing their power. The Neo-Cons hate him with a passion for he will not just invade Iran. Then we have the Monetary Crisis Cycle. Trump would be the BEST person to have there during that crisis. Any career politician will do whatever it takes to support government at the expense of the people. Trump will return to the private sector so he would NEVER agree to a law that would harm his own business prospects in the future.

I do not know how many people it would take to write to the White House. It may simply be deflected to ensure he is kept in the dark.