Is the World Political Economy Melting Down?

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Many people have asked are we collapsing as did Rome? The answer is absolutely YES. Like Rome, the state always turns against its people as its need for money always expands. Like the Romans, we have lost our independence, our integrity, and our freedom. The world political economy is melting down before our eyes as government constantly seeks more and more power. This desire for more power unfolds because they see that the free market is always going against them. To prevent the free market from winning, they always lash out and punish those who stand in their way. Government pretends to be benevolent, but the only tool they know is punishment.

Unfortunately, we as a people yield too much. We are complacent and in that posture government is emboldened to expand its power. We flip our allegiance between the people and government (Private v Public) depending upon the moment because both sides if left unchecked will move toward abuse.

We entered a private wave during July 1985 after 51.6 years of a public wave that began in 1932. The private sector went nuts when the bankers and foreign governments were conducting massive fraud. The people turned to government and created the public wave that peaked in 1981.35 with the peak in interest rates. By the turning point in 1985, government began attempting to seize and maintain control of the economy to compel it to perform as they desired. That became known as the Plaza Accord, which gave birth to the G5 (now G20). When that occurred, we took the back cover of the Economist Magazine in 1985 every week of that month to announce the return of inflation and shift from deflation during 1981-1985, which ended that private wave and started a new private wave.

The point within the current business cycle wave as defined by the Economic Confidence Model was 2015.75. That was the turning point in confidence within government. We can see that now as 65% of Americans think Hillary is dishonest. That is a greater percentage than any president in history has won from a popular vote.

Hillary most likely has Parkinson’s disease, but she is determined to be the first woman president so to hell with the world or the nation. Our prospects for the future look dim at best.


Then add to this the insanity Europe who is also captured in the grip of unelected people who are running a totalitarian state. The people have no right to even vote to remove any of the Troika. We have lost our independence, our integrity, and our freedom. The world political economy is melting down before our eyes, but these people still seek to brainwash our children and pretend they are fighting for liberty and justice when there is none left. This has become a world that is all about those in power, and we have become the great unwashed.