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Is Soros Behind the Democrats More than People Know?

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Soros Alexander

Most people are unaware that George Soros has a son who has set up his own philanthropy and is a major donor to the Democrats which gives him access and influence. Alexander Soros is the deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations. He sits on the boards of Bard College, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Central European University. While George Soros does not come to appear with Democrats, he sends his son. Alexander met the VP pick Harris, because he was there in the vetting process and his father was informed and approved.

Make no mistake about it, if Alexander Soros is on the phone, they will pick it up. He is believed to be as far left as his father. He was born in 1985 yet has his own foundation with dad’s money. So anyone who wants to know why the Democrats have moved far left, just look to Soros who wants to end governments and hand all power to the United Nations in an Open Society. So those who light candles and pray Soros will die soon, he has already cloned himself.

Some say the superrich are far left because they feel guilty for having so much money. Others suggest they are far left and create foundations so the wealth is not their personality, because they do not want anyone else rising to compete with them and their ideas. Either way, they have politicians eating out of their hands. Politicians are like mosquitoes. They are attracted to the pretty blue light that kills them.