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Is Bill Gates the Dark Lord?

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Gates the Dark Lord

COMMENT: You are right. A lot more people are starting to question Bill Gates and is he becoming the dark lord against our republics. He is not only elected, not even a medical doctor, and he is certainly no economist. He wants to dictate to the world and every person must be vaccinated?


REPLY: My trouble with Bill Gates is his alleged reputation for being ruthless and devious in light of his positions which are inconsistent. He is fearful of overpopulation, wants CO2 to be zero, funding vegetarian enterprises, wants to chip everyone, and then is a climate change supporter. This makes no sense. Why would you want to vaccinate everyone in the world to live longer if you are afraid of overpopulation and climate change? This is like being long and short at the same time in the same market with the same size positions on both sides. This makes no sense! What is his true end game?

COVID-19 will now be part of the annual flu season. By keeping everyone locked down, this means if they are not exposed, this virus will be prolonged. About 50% of those in Germany have already been exposed and have proven to be naturally immune.  Is this a virus they have intended to reduce the elderly to eliminate the pension and social liabilities for the baby-boomers? Some see this as the goal to save socialism. Reduce the population of the elderly and start over subjugating the youth. Interesting theory.

We already have Microsoft calls home like ET (phone home) every time you open any program in Office. Its antivirus software was taking your programs and checking them on their servers. That is obviously a threat to proprietary software to send a copy up to their servers.



Why do we all have to be chipped? Microsoft is tacking everything we do already. They sell that information to target advertisements. Now we have numerous countries demanding full-time tracking of people because of this coronavirus which is no more lethal than the flu. There are proposals for Britain and Europe lurking in the background where everyone must be tracked. How does this impact tourism? How will an American go to Greece or Italy if they are not part of this tracking system? Is this were Gates’ chips come in? Are we looking at losing our freedom to travel, assemble, and to speak freely? Is this what so many people died for defending our freedom in all these wars since the American Revolution?



Honestly, it reminds me of the Minority Report where Tom Cruise has his eyes replaced because they have taken everyone’s retinal scan so they know who everyone is. If we are all chipped, does this scene become reality?


Apple and Google are making changes to their respective mobile operating systems to allow iOS and Android devices to use Bluetooth to detect and record when they come within 10-15 feet of any other iOS or Android device (provided its owner has opted in). If you use the app and anyone you’ve encountered later tests positive for coronavirus, your phone will alert you of that fact.

This will eliminate all privacy whatsoever. Big Brother will know where you are at any time and if you ever met with someone who was a dissident. In the days of Stalin, that meant death. Is there a move to track everyone because they know their Keynesian Financial System is collapsing?