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Is Biden Too Old for a Second Term? 86% of Americans Believe So

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Robert Hur’s special counsel report concluded by noting that President Joe Biden, 81, is a “a well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” who is not mentally fit to stand trial. The American public agrees as a new poll by Ipsos found that an overwhelming 86% of Americans believe Biden is too old to remain in power.

After Hur’s report, Biden’s camp announced he would hold a rare press conference. Some of the world panicked, picturing a presidency under Harris. Instead, Biden took to the podium to blame his staff for mishandling documents and stated that he was the victim. The second he decided to go off script and return to the podium to answer questions, his undeniable mental impairments were on full display as he could not remember the names of world leaders or even speak coherently. Mind you, this all happened on the same day that the Putin-Carlson interview was released, and the world saw a well-spoken leader juxtaposed to who the US currently has in office.

Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel found that 86% of respondents believe Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term, with 73% of Democrats admitting their party’s choice of candidate is not fit for the job. Around 62% of Americans believe Trump, 77, is also too old to serve as president, with only 35% of Republicans agreeing. When the same question was presented in September 2023, only 74% stated Biden should not run for a second term due to his age.

He is mentally unfit to stand trial but mentally fit to run the world’s top economy? His own supporters are beginning to realize that Biden’s mental health is rapidly declining, and his staff cannot hide the truth. I do not know how anyone could honestly cast a vote for Joe Biden at this point. His age is not the problem — we are witnessing the establishment prop up a man suffering from a form of dementia. Simply compare videos of him as a Senator to the Biden we see today. We have been watching his mental decline in real-time and it is astonishing to the rest of the world that this is who we selected as our leader.

The lights are on, but no one is home.