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Is Biden for Real?

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I seriously question if Biden’s convention speech was manufactured, and I do not care that there were left-wing journalists there swearing it was all live. If that was really the case, then this clip after that speech is simply not plausible. Something is seriously wrong. Given the powers behind this election, from Gates to Schwab’s World Economic Forum pushing their Climate Change Great Reset, it is starting to appear that Biden is incapable of being president. That may be intentional, so they will have no resistance from a president to force their agenda on America.



We have the WHO saying we need to address climate change when Trump withdrew all funding, for they refused to respond to his questions. Now Gates is their #1 supporter. The WHO is about medical issues — not climate. This agenda is starting to be in your face, and the media will never report the truth.


We have Klaus Schwab, who is nothing more than an academic, publicly admitting that his World Economic Forum is in league with Gates and GAVI for vaccines.


And this makes sense with Pelosi against any debate and claiming in a public press conference don’t tell Joe Biden. This is completely absurd.

Something just does not smell right here. This is not Biden v Trump. There is something altogether very strange going on here.