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In Politics – People Want to Believe on What They Want to Hear

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COMMENT: The post dealing with the mid-terms had this gem: “This is why all the Greek philosophers from Socrates to Plato were against democracy. It allowed a thin majority to become tyrannical.”
What then is the alternative, for there will never come a time when we all agree about anything, let alone everything? The unstated alternative is that a minority becomes tyrannical and enforces their vision on everyone. Those are the two choices. There aren’t others just waiting to be discovered. Either the majority has it or the minority has it and as this is supposed to be a battle between ideas, the idea getting the most support should be the one chosen. Otherwise, candidates would try to lose the election so as that their plans would be enacted. Sorry, but that is just too stupid to be taken seriously by anyone with a still functioning brain in their head.
As Churchill noted, “Democracy is the worst form of government there is, except for all the others.” And he was absolutely correct. If you don’t like what the majority is doing, change the minds of those who are persuadable; don’t bitch about not getting your way because your ideas were not popular. That is what infants do!


REPLY: A friend invited me to dinner. There was another there who was a major programmer for Microsoft. He was a Biden supporter and convinced that climate change may have always existed, but we are the cause right now. There are people among the Democrats who have just been brainwashed with sophistry. If they were not being mentally manipulated by a small group of elites with an agenda they would never agree with if the truth were told, then there would be perhaps a more reasonable world.

Then you have egos. Trump felt his endorsing power was not what he and others thought it was. So he told the WSJ he knew some dit on DeSantis. This is the problem. Trump was on the right track and he was what the people rallied behind – term limits and draining the swamp. But now his personal ego is surfacing and that becomes a problem in politics. It is hard to resist when everyone says you control the power.

The best form of government I have ever seen was that of Genoa where the Doge (president) rotated annually amount the wealthy families. This was before Marxism. There was no social warfare. They ran Genoa more like a company competing against Venice and Florence. Because the Doge rotated, nobody would pass a law that was draconian since they would have to live under that law the following years and it would be more than a decade before the wheel would return to their family.

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Marxist Socialism has been highly destructive. It has begun the division that undermines the purpose of civilization – that we all come together because we all benefit. When one group targets another, that is it. You begin the process of economic suicide. The Democrats no longer know how to run for office without promising to rob one group for the benefit of another.

Republics are always the worst form of government because they can be bribed. Look at the bankers. They have blown up the world economy countless times and NEVER has a single banker ever been charged. They own the SEC and CFTC – the case is closed for they will never be held accountable – EVER! 

I tried to warn the Republicans, but they too want to hear what they prefer to believe. I warned them that they would NOT be able to reverse what Biden has set in motion.