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Illegal Aliens Voting?

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Just Facts

Besides dead voters and questionable voting machines in some states, the nonprofit research institute Just Facts has put out of study showing that illegal aliens have also been voting. In some states like New Jersey, there was enough to flip the election to Biden.

A new study estimates that presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden benefited from thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, providing Trump’s legal team with yet another argument.  They looked at the election returns from seven battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They compared the U.S. Census numbers on noncitizens which totals 21.7 million running the correlations with each battleground state’s demographics and election results.

The problem with this entire election is that it has revealed just how corrupt the entire system really is. Despite being a federal election, there is nothing that is standardized nationally. Even the electoral college is not standard. Two states split their vote according to the popular vote. All others allocate 100% of their votes to the winner. They could even change that before the electoral college votes. So just how do we even have an honest election when countless dead people always vote in every election, not just this one, and states were mailing out ballots to anyone including illegal aliens and as one reader said, to his 14-year-old daughter.

In Texas, a woman was found registering mentally ill patients to vote without their signature. She has been charged with 134 felonies.

In all honesty, I seriously doubt that this election is ethically valid. But without some standardized rule that everything is uniform and voting machines, over which there are no regulations, should be owned ONLY by Americans or should be simply government property and not private.

The sad part about this nightmare is that neither side will accept a loss and that the Democrats should be prohibited from changing the structure of the country, hand any power whatsoever to the United States courtesy of Klaus Schwab, and BigTech should be held accountable for subjecting the public to censorship. They should be stripped of any such power forthwith. What they have done is outrageous and this nonsense that they are private does not excuse them.

Then we have candidates that lie to get elected, promise one agenda, and then deliberately never intended to deliver that promise because they were committing fraud to get elected in the first place. We should have the right to impeach such a person and demand a special election.

This is the most corrupt election in American history and as a result, there will be blood in the streets. If Trump loses, he has vowed to run again in 2024 if there are still elections.