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If We Know What’s Coming Then We Are Not Sucker-Punched

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, on the one hand you are pessimistic, but on the other you are very optimistic. Many of these analysts just say everything is going to hell from currency to stock markets.  Do we survive? Which camp are you really in?


Child Touch Flame Candle ANSWER: You do not change unless you have no choice. Only those who are explorers take risks and they are far and few in the mix. The bulk of human society play it safe. So unfortunately, society must go through the crash and burn in order to create the change. This is why no civilization has ever lasted forever. What child has ever listened to their parents and did not stick their finger in the flame of a candle? We all must do that to know that fire does burn.

Weathering StormSo yes, on the one hand this is pessimistic, yet on the other it is very optimistic looking forward to the change that is coming.  There may be a storm swirling around us. However, if we know what is happening (1)we will not get sucker punched, and (2) just maybe we can be part of the mover and shakers who can make a difference and push that change in the right direction. If not, well, we can all grab a rock and meet in the Caribbean and start our own country.