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Hunter’s Ex-Partner Confirms Joe Biden Took Money Sanctioned by Communist Party for Influence

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Fake News


The Big-Tech and Mainstream Media refuse to report on the Hunter Biden saga claiming the emails were stolen or some other nonsense they do not apply when it comes to Trump. Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski who was the CEO of a firm with Hunter Biden, has now come forward to confirm that Joseph R. Biden was involved in a deal and got a cut of the action from China and that the Communist Party was allowing the transaction to make “a political or influence investment.” (see NY Post).


This is potential treason – yet CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS are now all pretending to be honorable. Here is ABC defending Biden in 2019. ABC never asked about anything in the latest Biden Town Hall. The Wall Street Journal even called out ABC News: “On the other hand, tonight also represents an opportunity for ABC to set itself apart from the raft of media companies, new and old, that have dedicated the last 36 hours to suppressing a damning report about their favorite candidate.”