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How to Find Your Representative for Emails – We Can Win!

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Public Confidence People

My objection is straight forward. (1) anyone who wants to accept a vaccine from Bill Gates that will be rushed through despite his influence even in the FDA should be free to do so. (2) Those of us who do not trust him should have the right to reject it equally as well.

I am CATEGORICALLY informing everyone that the rise in unemployment during the Great Depression took 3 years to reach 25%. We have passed that counting all the people who are not eligible to even file in 7 weeks. I cannot stress how disastrous this has been from a global economic perspective. We are facing a rise in global tensions both internationally by all the finger-pointing among nations, rise in civil unrest which is of the type that will turn to violence and in many cases armed revolutions around the globe. Add to this the rise in domestic disputes, stress of people losing everything thanks to Gates from their jobs, pensions, and homes as backs immediately have cut-off mortgages.

Commercial Real Estate is collapsing and in most cases has no bid.

Based on all the RELIABLE sources, not conspiracy theories, that is we just launch a TRUE investigation into the conflicts of interest, we can win this battle to redesign the world economy in the image of Bill Gates and his Climate Change conspirators. There will be NO coming back from this economic manipulation of the world economy. So it is up to you. Socrates has not been wrong yet. It warned the crash was coming, picked the day of the low as March 23rd, and projected the peak in the virus would be the week of April 6th. These are not lucky forecasts attributable simply to me. I’m not that lucky!

The Models clearly show that Gates is starting to run into serious resistance. I am getting emails from around the world informing me there are large protest rallies being organized globally against Gates in mid-May. We have a RIGHT to make our voices heard. We need to do this BEFORE this all crosses over into the violence and bloodshed of protests that are probably more unsettling come September/October period. This is not a time for Democrat v Republican. This is a time for our basic human rights to make our own decisions and to end the Gates Monopoly of World Health. This far outweighs the dangers of a monopoly by Microsoft.

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