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How the Clintons Destabilized Haiti

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Haiti has been propelled into a downward spiral ever since the Clinton Foundation stepped in to “help.” They have successfully destabilized the nation. Haiti is now a lawless land ruled by a gang leader called BBQ for his brutal tactics, and yes, the reports of cannibalism among gang members is factual. Over 2.5 million residents in Haiti were living in extreme poverty without sufficient food, water, or shelter before the gangs toppled what remained of the nation in early March. It is too dangerous for humanitarian agencies to enter the country. The gangs released over 4,000 inmates from the prisons and ran the prime minister out of office. Where are people fleeing?

Florida. Florida boasts the largest population of Haitian migrants in all of the US. Haitians are now the 15th  largest migrant population residing in America, and 49% reside in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis is sending over 250 soldiers to “protect the state from the land, sea, and sky.” The federal government has refused to protect the borders and it is up to the state to protect their people.

Now let me circle back to the Clintons for a moment to explain how they successfully destabilized Haiti. Bill and Hillary spent a portion of their honeymoon and used that time to plot expanding their empire. Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009 and immediately state developing Haiti was one of her top priorities. Clinton wanted to attract foreign investment into Haiti, and appointed her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as the special envoy to Haiti from the UN.

As reported in the Washington Post on behalf of a correspondent from the Associated Press:

There’s nowhere Clinton had more influence or respect when she became Secretary of State than in Haiti, and it was clear that she planned to use that to make Haiti the proving ground for her vision of American power. By now I’d imagine she was expecting to constantly be pointing to Haiti on the campaign trail as one of the great successes of her diplomatic career. Instead it’s one of her biggest disappointments by nearly any measure, with the wreckage of the Martelly administration she played a larger role than anyone in installing being the biggest and latest example.”

America became grossly involved in Haitian politics, and former Haitian President René Préval could not rule without approval from the US. For example, a law was implemented in 2009 that forced manufacturers to raise the minimum wage from 24 cents per hour to 61 cents. Manufacturing was slowly on the rise in Haiti and becoming the nations second most lucrative sector behind agriculture. Manufacturers stated that they could only afford a seven-cent increase to begin and the president supported Haitian businesses, but the US State Department paired with Haiti’s elite and demanded those manufacturers  “appealed to the unemployed and underpaid masses.” Mass layoff ensued.

Haitians experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010 that claimed the lives of 160,000 people and displaced an additional 1.5 million. The people quickly realized the Clintons were only there for financial gain rather than humanitarian reasons. Bill Clinton led the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) that was supported by all of the elites in Washington. Former Presidents Obama promoted a fund created by establishment elites Clinton and George W. Bush known as the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, which FAILED after two years of operating. They declared that 100% of funding would go to relief efforts, but it is estimated that only 8%, at best, was spent on the earthquake victims.

“While other organizations in Haiti are using their resources to deliver immediate humanitarian aid, we are using our resources to focus on long-term development so that these crises are prevented,” the fund stated after receiving criticism for misusing aid. Do you think the 1.5 million displaced Haitians were focused on long-term investment strategies? This fund was intended solely to support the elites. They were able to use the guise of climate change (e.g, the earthquake) and disease (e.g., the cholera outbreak) to attract foreign investments aggressively.

Then there was the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) implemented in April 2010 co-chaired by the UN and Haitian elites. None of the recovery projects were properly funded. The mandate expired the following year on October 21, 2011, and Haiti’s corrupt government did not renew the measure. The IHRC managed to approve $1.6 billion in reconstruction projects, and every globalist humanitarian agency received their cut to “help” the people of Haiti. This was yet another money-grabbing scheme for the elite, and the nation was never restored to pre-2010 conditions.

The Clintons also demanded that the Haitian government remove or reduce all tariffs on agriculture coming into the US, worsening the situation for the nation’s main sector. Haiti’s own government was unable to run a fair election in 2011 when Fanmi Lavalas, the most popular candidate at the time, was removed from the ballot.

Haiti was a corrupt nation before the Clintons’ involvement, but they successfully dismantled Haiti’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors. In 2009, Haiti’s economy was estimated to have a GDP of $8.4 billion in PPP, with a fiscal deficit of 2.8% of GDP. Haiti’s GDP grew to $32 billion by 2023, with the average growth rate contracting by -2% in the past four years. Haiti has the 22nd largest economy in the Americas. Yet the nation remains in a third-world state with insufficient food, water, medical care, and basic supplies.

So when you hear of these climate change initiatives targeting underdeveloped nations, their ultimate plan is to cash in and leave. None of these agencies actually care about the people or humanitarian efforts. What the Clintons did merely scratches the surface of how the globalist elites ensured Haiti would never have a chance to succeed. And now the virtue-signaling leftists believe America should accept the people, the very people who hate America for what our government did to them in recent history?