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Houston – We have a Problem in Washington

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Biden Reafirm Putin must go

While it is true that all nations selfishly act to expand their geopolitical influence and power following Adman Smith’s Invisible hand be it internationally as well as domestically against their own people – i.e. endless regulations and rising taxation, here we have a President who goes off script and is lost now in his own mind. Just two days ago, Blinken had his wrists slapped with a club warning that he was propelling the world into a catastrophic war that would end all time telling Ukrainians they can win and that the US was demanding Regime Change in Russia. Then came the backtrack cleaning up what had been hurled at Russia and he pronounced the United States would NOT seek Regime Change in Russia and he was back to telling Zelensky to settle.



There is serious concern that Biden has really lost it. His words in Poland were off-script: “For God’s sakethis man cannot remain in power.” This was another off-the-cuff remark that was outrageous for any world leader to say. Biden has now come out again calling for Regime Change in Russia. Biden is off the leash and suddenly thinks he is really president. He came out and contradicted his own staff Monday claiming he has not retracted his comments on Regime Change in Russia.

“I’m not walking anything back,” Biden pronounced! “The fact of the matter is I was expressing the moral outrage that I felt.”


Hopefully, both China and Russia are well aware that Biden is out of control and obviously senile. If anyone desperately needs Regime Change, it is the United States. Aside from the fact that neither Russia, China, nor the USA has any right whatsoever to demand a Regime Change in an opposing nation, what Biden has shown is he is certainly no longer competent to be in office and shoulder be removed for the sake of the world.

NEVER in the history of international relations has ANY complete collapse in civility ever taken place between the major world powers. Kennedy NEVER called Khrushchev a madman nor threatened Russia should assassinate him. Such a personal attack would have prevented any negotiations to calm things down during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Biden is NOT competent to be the leader of the United States and he certainly cannot represent the “Free World” which is a term that should have died with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Both Russian and Chinese freely travel the world these days. Kennedy was able to sit down with Khrushchev because he did NOT act like Biden – nobody can imagine that taking place now the way Biden has handled the situation turning this into a new COLD WAR that is close to turning RED HOT, while his sanctions have accelerated inflation and destroyed decades of free markets built by both Republican and Democratic prior administrations.

Nixon Kruschev

Nixon, on the other hand, did lose his cool and not just raised his index finger but was poking Khrushchev’s chest. In a bar, that is what they say are fighting words or actions. Whether Nixon lost his cool or this was a deliberate attempt at intimidation is hard to say. However, Khrushchev is closing his eyelids at that moment which is clearly trying to psychologically block Nixon and ignore him thus denying him that exercise of intimidating power. If Khrushchev was a lesser man and a hothead, that would have been war right then and there. But Nixon was the Vice President – not the President which diminished the act politically. If Biden met with Putin he would pull a Will Smith, slap Putin, but Putin might save the world by decking Biden rather than waging WWIII.

Nixon Mao

When Nixon became president, in 1972 he visited the People’s Republic of China, where he met with Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong, where he kept his finger to himself. Nixon was what most people called a Hawk in those days so they did not see him as bending the knee to communists. To a large extent, Nixon was seeking to divide and conquer. His hardline tactics with Russia would get him nowhere. Nixon had chosen to try to split Russia from China highlighting all the nukes and troops guarding the border with China.

Nixon’s visit to China was of particular significance. The US had refused to recognize the Communist government and continued to recognize the rebels in Taiwan and the real government. That was a real problem politically. How do you meet with a leader you do not recognize? Nixon pulled it off and began friendly relations with China v confrontational relations with Russia.

This time, Biden has threatened both and is undoing what Nixon sought to do for national security – divide China and Russia. There is great concern that Biden is becoming a loose cannon on the world deck of the world in the middle of a hurricane. There is no telling which way he will shoot off his mouth next. He really should be removed from office for the sake of the entire world.