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Hillary For President 2020

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QUESTION: Hi Marty do you think the probability Hillary will go for presidency in Jan/feb 2020 has increased? Is that really a possibility? Then on top of that in one of your blogs you said something could happen to Trump in 2022 which means he will be respected in 2020. Thank you for your answer

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ANSWER: There are people in Washington who are seriously pushing Hillary to run. They see that the Democrats have nobody. Biden is at 28% and now even Bloomberg is not respected coming in at 5%. The only Democrat I hear has some respect behind the curtain is Gabbard, but she is not doing well in the polls. Bloomberg, on the other hand, had authorized the “stop and frisk”  in New York City which was totally against the Constitution. He is now apologizing for his police-state actions.  He was the fourteenth richest person in the world back in 2017.

In 1973, Bloomberg became a general partner at Salomon Brothers where he headed equity trading. When Salomon Brothers was bought by Phibro Corporation in 1981, Bloomberg was laid off without any severance package. However, he had owned $10 million worth of equity as a partner at the firm. This was his seed capital to begin Bloomberg News which has had a bias toward protecting the banks on Wall Street.

Hillary wants to be begged to save the Democratic Party. She has refused to rule out a 2020 run. Hillary has come out and stated plainly that “Obviously, I can beat him again!” All it will take is for the Democrats to realize the Impeachment coup will fail and they will turn to Hillary in the blink of an eye if not faster.

There is serious movement behind the scenes to make it appear that the Democrats get down on their hands and knees, or at least one knee, and plead for Hillary to save the day. She has NOT given up her dream of being the first woman president. The computer shows the 2020 election may be close. That does not seem possible with the current field of candidates.