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Half of Americans Want Mass Deportations

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Inflation and migration are two major issues trending before the elections. A new Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll found that half (51%) of Americans want illegal immigrants out of the country. Despite the calls for Sanctuary Citizens and open borders, people on the left and right now believe that illegal migrants must leave this nation.

Around 68% of Republicans said that they would support mass deportations of undocumented migrants, and surprisingly, 42% of Democrats agreed, along with 46% of the Independent vote. The left has attempted to frame this as a racist ideology, but 45% of Latino voters also agree that mass deportations must happen to keep the country safe. People in almost every generation share this sentiment, with 60% of Boomers, 52% of Gen X, and 48% of Millennials in favor of this measure. Gen Z is the only generation that does not understand the need for mass deportations, with only 35% supporting the measure.

When asked why Americans supported mass deportation, the answer comes down to economics. Everyone is watching nearly 8 million people live a taxpayer-subsidized life and want that free ride to end, as 64% said migrants receive more in welfare and benefits than they pay in taxes. Over half (56%) believe these unvetted, unknown persons are responsible for rising crime across the country. Another 68% said illegal migrants cause “major problems” in communities, but this is not about race or allowing in new LEGAL immigrants as only 27% believe vetted and legal migrants cause trouble for the public at large.


Americans are not against immigration, legal immigration. Americans are against the deliberate flood of illegal migrants sweeping the nation and wreaking havoc on our state and city budgets. Anyone living in a Sanctuary City has seen the overwhelming chaos this has caused first-hand and there simply is no possible way for the American taxpayers to continue supporting migrants who arrive in droves at our borders every single day.

Only one of the two prominent candidates has promised this as a campaign option. Trump has promised to engage in the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history.” Now, this poll did not ask if Americans wanted to curb the migrant crisis. The question was whether mass deportations were appropriate. While it may be faux pas to say in liberal settings, logical Americans are concerned about what is happening across our country and want the issue resolved.