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Haley won Washington DC which is 98% Democrat – What do You Expect

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Nikki Haley has finally won none other than the LEFTIST stronghold – Washington, DC. If you get pulled over by a cop there, you may hear that line coming from the new movie Civil War  – What Kind of American Are You?


The Democrats have been funding Haley, and anyone with common sense would end their campaign. So why is Haley going endlessly? Because the word is if the Supreme Court or all the legal cases somehow manage some way to prevent Trump from running or he magically contracts COVID version 35 and dies before November, Haley will take the nomination by default. The Democrats will rejoice along with the Neocons, who will be popping champagne bottles for they will get World War III fully on board.

She has already come out and said she will NOT support Trump if he runs in November. If you have children or grandchildren, their future will be uncertain with Haley as President. Victoria Nuland will rejoice.