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Gun Homicides in Canada – Why Restrictions are NOT the Answer

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Look at history to see what happens when a nation unarms its citizens. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken a strong stance in favor of disarming Canadians as his regime becomes increasingly tyrannical. His administration has introduced several measures aimed at tightening gun laws to reduce any government opposition. Trudeau implemented a ban and mandatory buyback of over 1,500 models of assault-style firearms, including AR-15 rifles, in addition to placing a nationwide freeze on handgun sales and transfers. But who is committing the crimes?

Statistics Canada released a report entitled, “Firearms and Violent Crime in Canada, 2022,” which found that ILLEGAL gun owners commit the majority of gun-related homicides. Out of 113 homicides involving a gun, only 24 deaths were committed by legal gun owners. Out of 49 homicides involving illegally obtained firearms, 36 were unregistered and not legally owned at the time of the crime. There were only 8 cases involving firearms stolen from legal gun owners, but 5 of those 8 guns were purchased illegally from legal owners.

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights CEO Rod Giltaca stated that he believes the Liberal government, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois have been targeting law-abiding citizens deliberately. “This coalition government has bragged endlessly about their implementation of “the most significant in gun control in a generation”. Not only are more Canadians left terrorized, dead, and injured than in the last 30 years, but they’ve dealt more damage to gun clubs and the law-abiding firearms community than any government in the history of our country.”

Gun Violance

Canada has not confiscated guns yet and cannot find a vendor to implement the buyback program. It has been four years since Trudeau announced the program, but no one has put it in motion. Trudeau has seen the increasing rebellion of Canadians and knows that many will not willingly abandon their rights.

Compiling all the data, only 13% of homicides were committed by licensed gun owners (16 of 119 deaths). The Trudeau Administration is clearly targeting legal gun owners as they know that law-abiding citizens are not the problem. These measures embolden criminals as they will find a way to obtain firearms on the black market regardless of legal restrictions. A push for gun control is a push for increased government control over a population that will be helpless and unable to defend themselves.