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Guaranteed Basic Income & Marxists

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Guaranteed Basic Income

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
Thank you!!! for opening our eyes to the scary new world in which we live in. Are there more Socialist/Marxist to other political groups?

Our neighbor is a professor at a major university in South Florida with a Doctorate in Nursing. She recently shared with us her strong ideologies and political views which caught us a little off guard. We started off talking about COVID 19. She definitely refuted anything we had to say regarding the virus and any information we provided (which of course we learned from your blog and the many videos from Drs working on the frontline). She said, that we should be following the WHO, the NIH, and not so much the CDC. We are sad because she conveyed to us, “ let’s leave the leadership of the future to the youth, of course, this is where she has direct influence. Well, here are some of her responses to our questions. She is 100% on board with disbanding the police. And in mentioning the economy, She feels just leave it to artificial intelligence/robotics. We suddenly had a flashback of the robots you showed in an earlier video on your blog and their capabilities, and how they could be used to police our country. We then said, What about jobs? She blatantly expressed that she was for a guaranteed basic income for all. She said, Europe is more socialistic than the United States, as though that was the way it should be. She came out and literally said, she was a “Marxist”. We were shocked. We were always democrats as many of our friends are still. Thanks to you and your blog that we stumbled upon one day. She ended by stating there are “more of her than us”. We are assuming that she means Marxist/Socialist.

We are no longer leaning left or consider ourselves Democrats. Most of our friends consider us “trump lovers” and they will not accept any of our thoughts or reasoning. And when they reveal their point of view, it’s always an example of one person and how they were so unjustly treated. Never do they provide the big picture. We forwarded Michael Moore’s new movie to one of our friends and their email response was “what happened to Michael Moore….he use to make great movies.

Keep up the good work. There are many people who are listening.


REPLY: The greatest mistake these people make is they have no respect for human nature. Some people are thieves while others are honest. Some women have no problem selling their bodies to the highest bidder and others will not wear even a two-piece bathing suit. One thing is certain: not everyone will be willing to stay home and just watch TV and never work. They assume if they hand out guaranteed basic income that everyone will be happy. They are judging everyone by themselves. We are all NOT the same. Some people hate work and others are addicted to it. I could never sit home, not work, and just watch TV.

I am probably more Libertarian. I respect that there are many versions of human nature. The object is FREEDOM, and I strongly disagree with those who always want to seize politics to FORCE their view upon the rest of society, as Bill Gates and his crew are doing right now. Trump gave the WHO 30 days to explain their false forecasts or he would cut off all funding. They REFUSE to reply. Just ask a simple question — why did they refuse to respond if they are so perfect?