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Germany Moving Toward Political Crisis

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Merkel Confused

Political HellChancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday her efforts to form a three-way coalition government had failed. Merkel only received 32.5% of the vote, which is probably the lowest vote of any major world leader. The FDP pulled out of negotiations thrusting Germany into a political crisis and ever closer to a possible new election.

Meanwhile, German hoarding of cash is escalating and the municipal level debt burdens are exploding in Germany accelerated by the refugee crisis. The entire game was to hide the debt crisis in Germany until after the elections. With the failure to form a government, new elections are appearing likely extending this Year from Political Hell and more of the truth will now begin to be exposed.

This is becoming the global political crisis that just will not go away. Politics around the world remains in turmoil and as our computer had forecast, this would contribute to the collapse in public confidence. Only then will we witness the dramatic moves our computer has projected. So hang on tight. We will be coming out of the eye of this storm.

The fate of the Euro hangs in the balance.