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Biden Strands Americans Abroad – Requires Them to Take out Loan to Leave Israel

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This is yet another shocking example of the state stepping up when the federal government falls short. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is organizing numerous flights to bring home Americans who were abandoned in Israel by the Biden Administration. DeSantis welcomed home 270 people in Tampa over the weekend who otherwise would have been stuck sitting in an active warzone.

“For U.S. citizens who choose to take advantage of U.S. departure assistance, transportation may be by air or sea and will be to a nearby safe location and not to the United States,” the US State Department announced. So, the Biden Administration will fly Americans to European nations and they will be responsible for finding a way back home. Better yet, this is merely a LOAN as those fleeing are required to sign a promissory note whereby they agree to repay the US government for their flight into another foreign country. They will also be held responsible for their own lodging and accommodations as they attempt to migrate back to America.

This is an administration that spends money recklessly and adheres to no budget. They forced open our borders and flew in migrants from around the world. Now, the taxpayers are funding millions of outsiders living in America in addition to two major wars. It was our responsibility as Americans to protect Ukrainians, Israelis, and everyone wishing to leave their country to come to America. Neither finances nor national security is to blame for this failed evacuation strategy. These people did not choose to travel to a dangerous nation on the travel advisory list. They are tax-paying citizens forced to pay for outsiders to enter their home.

Does Biden want to see the body count of dead Americans rise to justify America’s presence in the Middle East? I firmly believe that the president hates his own country and its people.