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Feinstein Fails to Win Democratic Endoresement

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Feinstein Dianne

We are witnessing the rebuke of career politicians by career politicians. The California Democratic Party took a vote and it concluded it will not endorse Senator Dianne Feinstein’s re-election bid this year. Feinstein is 84 and the oldest politician there who wants to run for another 6-year term.

The delegates at the party’s annual convention gave the majority of votes to her top primary challenger, progressive State Senator Kevin de Leon.
De Leon received 54% of the vote, compared to Feinstein’s 37%. Feinstein is not considered to be left enough for California. She has stood by the NSA and called Snowden a traitor.

Neither Democrat will receive the state party endorsement because they both failed to reach the 60% threshold. Nevertheless, Feinstein leads by 29 points in the polls there and she is backed by the establishment with big bucks who own her soul. Even though she did not get the Democratic endorsement, she may be impossible to beat anyway. She has all the money and political connections. As long as she does what she is paid to do, what does age matter?

This is shaping up to be Feinstein v Democrats v People. Curious outcome. Long live corruption?