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Fake News – Misinformation or Just Political Bias/Hate Speech

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Biden Republican will bring chaos2022_11_03_20_32_25_Biden_says_Republicans_would_cause_chaos_in_U.S._economy_Reuters

QUESTION: What Tucker said about Raskin, would you call that fake news or misinformation? Just curious.


ANSWER: That was Tucker’s “interpretation” of the implication of what Raskin said. It falls outside of both and would probably attribute that more to political bias. I would say “fake news” is more what we saw with COVID where it is just outright false that is not attributed to interpretations or bias. I would say the “misinformation” is probably just another label for fake news. Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorable is not fake news or misinformation, it is just political bias.

What Tucker said was not fake news nor misinformation, but simply this class of political bias. That is what is probably dividing the country more than anything. It is this demonizing an opponent and both sides are doing it today. The vaccine scam of hiding the side effects is more in the area of fake news and misinformation.

Hate Speech

Biden is out there claiming a Republican victory will be chaos for the economy.  That is not Fake News or Misinformation, it is just political rhetoric that has become standard hate speech in politics.