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European Elections Promise a Chaotic Summer

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, you were right again, or your computer was, that the June elections would be a major upset. The far right has gained in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. You said in London that Le Pen should win in the 30% range. It looks like she has 31.5%.

Well done!


Le Pen Marine

REPLY: This should come as no surprise; I am more astonished that politicians are so ignorant of the trend that they appear once in power; they become drunk and assume they can do as they like, and their own people cheer. Turn the economy down as our ECM has done as of May 7th, 2024, and the politics will ALWAYS change. I do not even need Socrates to make that forecast. It is a simple historical fact. Even Herbert Hoover was elected at the top in 1928 and since the ECM peaked in 1929.75, they were naming shanty towns – Hooverville. Of course it was not his policies, but that does not matter. Turn the economy down, and you will ALWAYS get political change or civil unrest.

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Macron has called a Snap Election June 30th with the second round July 7th. Mcron was the peacemaker at first, but he has flipped and become the leader of the warmongers. I have warned that was likely because his popularity had crashed and as such they think that they can retain power by going to war for typically in war people do not change horses. However, when we look at the dates, we have a Directional Change for the week of June 3rd, and that has panned out as expected, with serious political gains for the far right. Now look at the target of July 8th, when the second round will take place. Note the sharp right in volatility leading into a Panic Cycle by the end of July.

France CAC40 M Array 4 24 24

Even when we look at the timing array from last April, May was the target, and then look at the trend from June into August with a Panic Cycle in September. So far, these European politicians have created inflation, attacked farmers without just cause, threatened war with Russia, and ignored citizens’ concerns, yielding to extreme movements such as the Climate Change nutjobs without ANY scientific evidence whatsoever. They have stood by silently while the American Neocons blew up Nord Stream, singing fuel prices higher and undermining the German economy. But, hey – we have to get Putin! Is it any wonder why the LEFT has lost? Even the Greens in Germany lost big time. Philippe Lamberts of Germany’s Greens/EFA had to admit that the exit poll was “not a victory” for their movement.

After initial projections, the far-right in France with the National Rally (RN) party of Le Pen came out on top with 31.5% of the vote, more than double the share of Macron’s Renaissance Party, which barely made it to second place with 15.2% of the vote, just ahead of the Socialists in third with 14.3% of the vote.

In Portugal, it was their center-left Socialist Party (PS) that appeared to be heading for a marginal victory as they positioned less than 1% ahead of the center-right Democratic Alliance (AD), according to an exit poll from the European Parliament.

Manfred Weber, the chair of the European People’s Party (EPP), one of the war-mongering establishments, said he would try to shut far-right parties out of any governing coalition. This is how arrogance prevails over democracy. He effectively declared business as usual. He was turning more to the left, urging them to be more mainstream and join the EPP’s “pro-European, pro-democratic alliance.”

IBEUUS W Array 6 9 24

Even when we turned to the Euro, this coming week was a Directional Change once again confirmed a political upset on the June 9th elections.