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European Central Bank Prepares for Trump Victory

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On the stage at Davos, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde took a long pause when asked about the 2024 US Presidential Election. The mere question made the room erupt in laughter. “It is for the American people to decide what they want with their politics, with their government with  their future,” she diplomatically replied, followed by saying she wants member nations to form a “more cohesive” economy as they may not be able to count on the US to push forward their objectives if Trump wins.

“Of course, we are concerned about it because the United States is the largest economy, the largest defense country in the world and has been a beacon of democracy with all its upsides and downsides but this is what they should be considering,” Lagarde said before stating that they unfortunately cannot interfere in the election. Lagarde said that the ECB has already considered what they may do if Donald Trump secures the vote this November.

Trump in Dark

“We must anticipate, just as we do with inflation, you know, we do scenarios what if what if what if and then what do we do, that is the real question,” she stated, later adding, “We have to be strong as Europeans and not assume we can rely on our friends over the world because these things change over the course of time as we have seen.” Precisely this as the US would not be considered a friend to the globalists within the EU or ECB under Trump.

Lagarde is calling on European leaders to “accelerate capital market union,” and no different from people hoarding in times of uncertainty, the ECB is asking member nations to begin hoarding in the event of a future they do not wish to see. “There is a lot of saving in Europe and we have to make sure that those savings actually stay here to finance what needs to be financed, which is predominantly the climate transition, which is digitalization, which is enough re-industrialization…so in the key areas we could be self-sufficient.”

Hence why, members of the ECB stated in a recent poll that Lagarde has failed to focus on economic objectives. Climate change initiatives were the first issue that came to mind as she knows Trump would not commit unlimited resources to fighting naturally occurring cyclical weather patterns. Digitalization, CBDC, and digital IDs would also be off the table. She failed to mention their biggest concern, which was that the US could pull out of the wars.

This is why Alexander Soros mentioned assassinating Trump for he is too large of a threat for the globalist agenda. The US is only a friend to Europe if the US abides by the plans for a Great Reset. So, we may see EU member states pulling back on US investments as they prepare for the potential scenario of an enemy in the White House.