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Elections Are Now the Threat to Democracy

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When Trump won in 2016, that is when it all started. Democracy suddenly became evil “populism” for how dare the people try to vote career politicians out of power. They began their hate campaign against Trump because they could not allow an outsider to upset their feeding troff. I was handling many calls back then because our computer projected a Trump victory, and they wanted to believe something was wrong. I tried to explain that he was legitimately elected, and it was a vote against those who never leave. Trump ran on draining the swamp and argued that term limits were necessary. He failed to realize that the swamp was an ocean that included both camps.

McCain Hillary

The fake dossier created by Hillary to slander Trump was handed to the FBI’s James Comey by the Republican godfather of the Neocons – John McCain. That proved the fake divide between Republicans and Democrats should get the Oscar for the best performance in a fictional setting.

40 of world 2024 elections

We are looking at the likelihood of the most corrupt elections around the world in human history. This is not going to go well. I put the odds of a fair election at about 0% on a global scale. I would say the civil unrest projections globally post-2024 are the direct result. As I mentioned, war is a contagion. Well, so is civil unrest. There is way too much at stake for those in power to allow a fair election ANYWHERE.

Freeland has Journalist Arrested

In Canada, the government has been fully onboard with the World Economic Forum. Chrystia Freeland, Schwab’s star pupil, had a journalist arrested for trying to ask her a question.  This is the arrogance of people rolling in power like a pig in mud and who by no means are willing to yield to the great unwashed who are clearly too stupid to even vote. As one reader from Canada emailed in:

 This incident clearly shows how far our beloved country of Canada has fallen. This interaction/arrest happened when Chrystia Freeland, unfortunately our Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister (the one who smiled when she announced she was freezing bank accounts without due process) was asked about Iranian terrorists by a reporter from alternative media group which is absolutely despised by Trudeau.

We understand that the reporter was finally released without charges but the damage has been done.


1 Kohl Dictator


When they created the Euro, Germany refused to allow the people to vote because they knew they would lose. Then there was BREXIT. Again, the great unwashed dared to go against what the ruling class was doing. Electing Trump was the icing on the cake.

Great Unwashed

These low-life people think they actually have the intelligence to decide what the government should be doing. No matter who, once power is tasted, it becomes addictive. The people are airheads besides being the Great Unwashed scum beneath their feet. It is just outrageous that the public should not have any pretended right to vote. Taking Trump off the ballot is a threat against Democracy in itself. They tell us Biden is far superior, and RFK was kicked off the Democratic ballot. So let the people decide. Oh! That’s right. They are too stupid to allow that. Voting has now become the greatest threat to Democracy – evil populism that cannot be tolerated. Voting is just dangerous to their version of Democracy where we have no right to vote on things like war, peace, taxes, or any regulation anyway.