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Does Trump Have Something Up His Sleve?

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Socrates Monitory Globe

QUESTION #1: Hello Martin
Do you think that Trump has something up his sleeve in regards to the election? I cannot see him conceding when he knows that there has been outright, in your face ballot fraud. He doesn’t seem like the type of man who would walk away from a good fight. If he did win (never say never) how would this tie in with Socrates forecast? If Trump was forecasted to win and he did win would there be any change to the ensuing madness that Socrates had predicted?
I have never been so interested in an American election, surely beats the Scottish elections hands down!
All the best

QUESTION #2: You are just a Trump supporter. You have no proof the election was rigged.


ANSWER: Socrates has never been wrong. However, I pointed out that it had projected Gore would win in 2000. After the Supreme Court handed it to Bush, the final count showed that Gore had more than 500,000 votes than Bush. Socrates calls it by the numbers. It is not my personal opinion nor does it ask people for their opinions. It had forecast that this would be a very close race 50/50 which was correct.

You can hate me, call me a Trump supporter, whatever. I really do not care! My job is simply to reveal the forecasts of the computer. I do not alter that. There is no point in that for any time I have thought it would be wrong, I have always been the one who was wrong. Because its forecast was that this would be razor-thin, I think it did a far better job than the 14 pollsters.

Dead People Voting


I fully understand that the country is so divided it will never return to normal. As far as being rigged, the computer projected this would be the MOST corrupt election in American history. That is being unfolded every day that passes. I get you hate me saying that this election belonged to Trump so you will prefer to shoot the messenger. You better open your eyes because this is NO normal election of simply Democrat v Republican. This is a foreign agenda being imposed on the United States and when you lose your pension only then will you see what took place.

Now, dead people voting has been a trick all the time. However, this crisis taking place is serious because it is so razor-thing that only a few thousand votes alter the outcome. I have already seen computer analysis of the votes and it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE that this was a fair election. There was no possible way that 200,000 votes even by mail-in are 100% for Biden.

The problem here is that NEITHER side will accept a loss. You push Biden in and the Democrats take the Senate and structurally try to change the foundation of the United States. Then you will have a civil war. If Trump is successful and overturns the election, the Democrats will claim that is a fraud.


My solution would be simple. An electron voting system is set up ASAP, and the election is to take place again. Every vote should be easily cross-checked to see if these people are currently paying taxes. If not, they cannot vote unless they are enrolled in school and can prove they are alive.

That SOLUTION would save lives for then both sides cannot claim it is a fraud. Trump should remain as president or let the Vice President assume that role until such an election takes place. Then and ONLY then will the nation be healed. Otherwise, get your gun loaded and fight it out in the streets because nobody will accept a loss otherwise.