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Does Liz Cheney Belong in Jail?

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QUESTION: Marty; Do you think Newt Gingrich is correct about Liz Cheney that she could face jail time?


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ANSWER: Absolutely! I believe she is a vile individual and her father is responsible for the Iraq War. His former company Haliburton, to which he gave all the spoils, when it was going to be investigated, moved its legal status from the USA to Dubai in UAE so it would not face a committee inquiry. If Wyoming reelects Cheney, they should be ex-communicated from the United States, build a wall around the state and declare it a no-fly zone. I have zero respect for her coming from one of the most allegedly corrupt families in US history. The apple never falls that far from the tree. She got in pretending she cares about religion but then wants to imprison anyone who refuses to comply with her demands.

Her actions speak louder than her rhetoric. Her personal hatred of Trump overrides the Constitution and rule of law. There must be some financial motive behind her feud with Trump. This makes no sense for her actions supporting the Biden Administration which is off the charts. Something smells here. Someone needs to do a deep dive into her connections and finances. This is all about making sure Trump does not run in 2024. I’m not sure he will anyway. But this committee is all about protecting the Great Reset and to do that, they MUST get rid of Trump and this committee is out to try to imprison him. They are desperate to use this for the 2022 election to defeat all republicans blaming them for this fake insurrection.