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DeSantis on War with the Bahamas?

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DeSantis initially attempted to remain a bit vague on where he stands on America’s participation in foreign wars. He redacted a statement made early on in his campaign about America’s involvement in Ukraine, saying they are, in fact, deserving of US resources. Ron DeSantis did a good job as the governor of Florida by putting Florida first, but would he put America first as president?

DeSantis showed great leadership when he sent two planes into an active warzone to retrieve American citizens. He has vowed to deport pro-Hamas protestors, which is at least a US-related issue. Ron went overseas to visit Netanyahu, who called him a “friend of Israel.” “We didn’t talk about American politics,” Netanyahu said. “I have enough politics here.” Once again, a US politician is failing to put America first.

DeSantis is now saying that Israel’s response to the attack by Hamas is inevitable. “What are you supposed to do? I mean, I used to say even when they would just fire the normal rockets because they’ve been firing these rockets for years and years. And I thought to myself, like, if the Bahamas were firing rockets into Fort Lauderdale, like, we would not accept that for, like, one minute. I mean, we would just level it. We would never be willing to live like that as Americans,” DeSantis said.

Now, the Bahamas has no plans to attack Florida, and the analogy is a bit ridiculous. Florida-Bahama tensions are non-existent. But most importantly, DeSantis is showing that he would pledge full support to Israel if elected president and escalate this war in accordance with the globalist agenda.

The presidential hopeful has stated that America is responsible for protecting Israel. He is ramping up fears of nuclear war to explain America’s involvement. “Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons creates a risk like you’ve not seen in this region,” DeSantis said. “It’s an existential threat to the state of Israel and to the United States of America.” The media loves the old “weapons of mass destruction” tactic.

Now, this is the man who once called the war in Ukraine a “territorial dispute” before changing his mind and condemning Putin as a war criminal. He is not coming out as a blatant Neocon like Haley, but make no mistake about it: DeSantis is a pro-war candidate.